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SDC Limited with its Partners provide European and other countries only Wholesale distributors. SDC Limited is happy  to introduce to the Market its New Men Enhancer to stimulating Men Libido with a Triple Action called

Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills

After long research and high quality recipe ingredients, The New product will reestablish the levels of Testosterone, stimulate Men libido and increase the length and Men Erectionquality, thus after mid or long period of use . “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills” tablets is Now available since May 2018 to met all our Men customers bigger and Higher Pleasure expectations.

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Triple Complex Booster of Testosterone – Libido – Erections

“One of the Best Dietary Supplement treatments on the International Market finally available for Sales in Europe. The Best way to increase your pleasure and the Intensity of your sexual enhancement for your happiness and your partner’s one”


Testimonials from “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills” customers that are using the product since few weeks.

  • “Very Healthy and Big sports Men, used to take food supplements to boost me during sport sessions. I started to take easily « Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills » tablets and I can say that even tired after my sport and fitness session I feel the increase of my libido and envy. Well done!”
    Christopher (32 years, Stockholm)
  • “ It was hard for me to make the switch to a daily tablet enhancer to boost my sexuality, but I can tell that after only 2 weeks I experienced everyday more clear positive effects. I am for the moment very satisfied and recommend the product with no hesitation.”
    Franck (45 years, Paris)
  • “ Used to instant immediate effects strong products, it hard for me to start taken « Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills », but I was really surprised after 3 weeks only, The product works without any doubt.”
    Steven (42 years, London)
  • “ Since I start the new MaxiMenPills product I have experienced after few weeks only, a better global balance feeling and a higher  sexual enhancement sensation.”
    Willem (39 years, Amsterdam)
  • “I wanted to change from miracle products. 3 weeks ago II made the switch to try “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills”, that seems more complete, well done and better for my health. Honestly, the expected results are there. I lived again a fulfilled sexuality and at the same time having a better and sane way of living. I experienced again my 40 years self-confidence. I recommend the product with no hesitation.”
    Paolo (51 years, Rome)
  • Since my Husband have started to take the new « Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills » only 3 weeks have passed. And I can testify that our intimate quality of life has considerably been improved. The product has even increased his appetite and self-confidence. It’s is very encouraging!”
    Jacqueline (35 years, Bordeaux)

Frequent Questions / Our Responses

FAQ About Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills

Why should I trust Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills?

Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills treatment is sure. The Treatment is without any danger, as long as you respect the suggested daily serving and if you have a sane way of life. Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills is a natural treatment that contains No chemical ingredients added, that’s why if used daily Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills will enhance your natural sexual pleasure.

Is there any danger using Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills?

Not one of Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills recipe ingredients was reported or is known for its side effects, neither by the numerous scientific studies nor by regulatory authorities.

How long do I have to use Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills and when approximately will I have the first results using Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills?

You are supposed to get the first good results after 4 weeks of intense usage of the treatment.

How and When do I have to use Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills?

For a best usage and good efficiency take Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills during meals.  Regular usage of 1 tablet brings efficiency on the long run. But an intense usage of Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills of 2 tablets a day during meals will boost and increase your sexual life and pleasure in approximately a 4 weeks.

Do I risk any side effects if I use Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills?

A very small percentage of people may have reported some headaches when they first started the treatment usage, but this will decrease after a regular use of Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills treatmentBut if you have a multi medication, or have high blood pressure or heart disease please see you medics before the usage of Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills.

How Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills will work on me?

Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills is a owned and registered brand. The triple complex recipe patent is under request. The Triple Complex of Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills will not only increase regularly your testosterone level but also your libido and erection levels quality. This by liberating what is called Nitric Oxide which will increase the diameter of your veins and arteries that allows the blood to flow freely which is mandatory in all erections mechanism. Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills include in its formula an active substance that will help you maintain healthy veins by protecting them of the damages of the free radicals that human body creates naturally and continually.