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SDC Limited is an European Food Supplement editor based in United-Kingdom.

Known by all, Made for All, Used by all MEN

SDC Limited with its Partners provides European and other countries only Wholesale distributors. SDC Limited is happy to introduce to the Market its New Men Enhancer to stimulating Men Libido with a Triple Action called “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills”. After long research and high-quality recipe ingredients, The New product will reestablish the levels of Testosterone, stimulate Men libido and increase the length and Men Erection quality, thus after the mid or long period of use. “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills” tablets is Now available since May 2018 to met all our Men customers bigger and Higher Pleasure expectations.

Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills

Tablets are compliant and were of course been legally and successfully registered in Food Supplement category in : France and other EEC countries where it have been done so.

For Distributors and Resellers, a copy “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills” tablets official registration will be provided upon request when orders are placed.

For Distributors and Resellers that will place an order a full set of “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills HD photos file and an advertising Poster will be provided.


We promised to take care… and delivered

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  • “Very Healthy and Big sports Men, used to take food supplements to boost me during sport sessions. I started to take easily « Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills » tablets and I can say that even tired after my sport and fitness session I feel the increase of my libido and envy. Well done!”
    Christopher (32 years, Stockholm)
  • “ It was hard for me to make the switch to a daily tablet enhancer to boost my sexuality, but I can tell that after only 2 weeks I experienced everyday more clear positive effects. I am for the moment very satisfied and recommend the product with no hesitation.”
    Franck (45 years, Paris)
  • “ Used to instant immediate effects strong products, it hard for me to start taken « Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills », but I was really surprised after 3 weeks only, The product works without any doubt.”
    Steven (42 years, London)
  • “ Since I start the new MaxiMenPills product I have experienced after few weeks only, a better global balance feeling and a higher  sexual enhancement sensation.”
    Willem (39 years, Amsterdam)
  • “I wanted to change from miracle products. 3 weeks ago II made the switch to try “Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills”, that seems more complete, well done and better for my health. Honestly, the expected results are there. I lived again a fulfilled sexuality and at the same time having a better and sane way of living. I experienced again my 40 years self-confidence. I recommend the product with no hesitation.”
    Paolo (51 years, Rome)
  • Since my Husband have started to take the new « Virility Complex by MaxiMenPills » only 3 weeks have passed. And I can testify that our intimate quality of life has considerably been improved. The product has even increased his appetite and self-confidence. It’s is very encouraging!”
    Jacqueline (35 years, Bordeaux)